Woman Pursued Evidence in Brother’s Murder – Nearly 2 years to the day after the tragic crash, CHP arrested a man in the hit-and-run death (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Sam Spital, San Diego Criminal Law and Murder Defense Lawyer:

“On January 16, 2013, NBC San Diego contained an article in which a murder suspect was arrested about two years to the day after a hit and run death. When law enforcement could not identify the person responsible, the sister of Frank Yarborough, the victim in this homicide case, initiated her own investigation and through a series of steps located the individual that now has been arrested for felony hit and run. The article revealed that Dixon Russell Dixon, the driver of a Ralph’s semi-truck trailer, made a u-turn and ran over the motorcycle driven by Yarborough.

Interestingly, Dixon was actually interviewed by CHP investigators as he was eating inside his truck that was parked close to the scene of the crime. It is claimed that he said he was “in Del Taco getting lunch” so the officers did not pursue him any further. The loyalty, love and devotion of a sister clearly helped law enforcement obtain additional information in order to help determine who to arrest even after two years doing their own cold case investigation. Because it is not known what evidence ultimately led to arresting Dixon, we should presume his innocence until proven otherwise in court.”

–Sam Spital