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Links to BRN Forms and Additional Information: 

If you are a registered nurse and you are being investigated by the Board of Registered Nursing &/or Department of Consumer Affairs for wrongdoing, charged with or have a BRN complaint filed against you, or are seeking an RN license in California but have some prior misdeed you are worried about, the California Nursing License defense attorney at Spital & Associates, handle defense of investigations by law enforcement, the Department of Consumer Affairs, BRN,  Applications for a License; and  defense of Accusations filed by the Attorney General. Sam is a former Deputy Attorney General and has over 40 years of combined experience as a former prosecutor for the Board,  and since 1978 a leading BRN defense lawyer  in cases throughout California and can help.

We have extensive experience representing registered nurses and other professionals in front of nearly every one of the California boards, bureaus and agencies , particularly the Board of Registered Nursing . Contact us today to schedule a teleconference with the Managing Attorney, Sam Spital and receive a Free initial attorney consultation.


The BRN Complaint Process

When a complaint has been received by the Board of Registered Nursing , it is reviewed, analyzed and then processed. Some complaints are closed because they fall outside of the jurisdiction of the BRN and/or do not involve grounds for disciplinary action (e.g. personality conflicts). If YOU qualify for the Diversion Program, then you will be notified.

Once the complaint is reviewed, BRN may determine the allegations are unsubstantiated. On the other hand, the Board of Registered Nursing may conclude the allegations are valid and they will decide what further action should be taken, if any. The options include :

  • BRN closes the complaint on the grounds it is without merit
  • BRN closes the complaint even though it has been determined the complaint has merit
  • BRN refers the matter to the Attorney General’s Office for prosecution. The AG will seek to deny a license if you are an applicant for licensure; or the AG will seek to suspend or revoke your license and impose countless terms and conditions to a probationary license, requiring you to reimburse BRN costs and investigation expenses
  • You as an RN employ expert defense legal counsel to present a compelling and powerful strategy and defense so that BRN disciplinary action is minimized, if any is taken.
  • BRN handles the matter “in-house” and issues a citation, fine, private reprimand, etc.

The BRN Diversion – Intervention Program

The Board of Registered Nursing has a Diversion Intervention Program for nurses whose practice may be impaired due to alleged chemical dependency and/or mental illness. This is a “rehabilitation” program designed to provide intervention. Evaluation Intervention Committee. Call for a Free Consultation with Attorney Sam Spital to discuss the pros and cons, any correspondence you receive from BRN and/or the Department of Consumer Afairs (DCA), and any questions you may have as a Registered Nurse. Do not ignore any letter or contact you receive, as you can receive essential information from Sam during a free teleconference 8:30am to 9:00pm seven days a week.

If you are eligible to participate in the Diversion Program, you will be given an opportunity to participate in DP as an alternative to disciplinary action against your license.

What We Will Do For You

The California professional licensing and Board of Registered Nursing Defense Attorneys at Spital & Associates provide aggressive and zealous representation to clients seeking to obtain a license in California and/or nurses investigated or accused of wrongdoing. We help to obtain an RN license; and, as an RN, we protect your license, your reputation and your career.

For a powerful and winning defense to a case and/or an investigation brought by the Board of Registered Nursing, we get it! Since 1971, we have handled State Board licensing cases throughout California.

Call 619-583-0350 to schedule an appointment and/or a teleconference with our Managing Attorney, Sam Spital, an experienced and distinguished administrative law lawyer. Sam has the highest rating in California for professional licensing cases.A perfect score of 10 out of 10 .

What Types of Complaints Does the Board of Registered Nursing Investigate or Prosecute?

  • Sexual contact by a Registered Nurse with a patient
  • A nurse’s violation of a patient’s confidentiality
  • Providing nursing services for which the Registered Nurse has not been trained or licensed
  • Drug abuse of various types by a Registered Nurse
  • Fraud or Deceit and other crimes committed by a Registered Nurse
  • Driving Under the Influence even if not affecting one’s duties and functions at work
  • A nurse failing to record in the MAR the administration of drugs
  • Unprofessional conduct or negligent acts committed by a Registered Nurse
  • Failing to follow proper drug dispensing procedures ( PLEASE Use the Pyxis Machine w/caution! )
  • Encouraging or seeking a social relationship with a patient, etc.

What if my Complaint involves a Minor Violation?

Some complaints may be deemed minor and, therefore, may be handled by the Board of Registered Nursing and they may issue a letter of reprimand/warning (private or public reproval; and/or set up a conference between the nurse and an enforcement officer or investigator with the Department of Consumer Affairs.

As defense counsel for registered nurses throughout California, we do not recommend you attend any “conference,” “meeting” or “interview” without first speaking with an experienced and highly qualified lawyer. It is not enough to do the obvious. Do not be naive to think the matter can easily be closed because you believe you arr innocent  On the other hand, even if you acknowledge wrongdoing, it is critical that you first seek and obtain advice from a truly knowledgeable and skilled attorney, with a passion to obtain a winning result.

Any attorney can represent a licensed professional, but you should protect your license and career by selecting a highly experienced and distinguished California professional license defense attorney.

Why should you settle for a cut-rate lawyer who has handled a limited number of license cases when you can obtain an outstanding attorney? Sam Spital has handled these cases as a Deputy Attorney General in 1971, and since 1978 on the defense side!. Call us for your winning defense…. from anywhere statewide in California .

How are Serious Violations handled?

If the complaint involves a serious violation (for example, allegation of possession or use of drugs, sexual &/or inappropriate physical contact, gross negligence or incompetence), it will be immediately referred to an investigator employed by the California Board of Registered Nursing.

If you are contacted during this process by an Investigator from the Department of Consumer Affairs or any employee of the BRN, you need to retain legal counsel to assist you to protect your RN License.

While a licensee might be willing to discuss the details of the complaint and wish to provide a “rebuttal,” this is not an opportunity to present your version of the facts and be confident the matter will be closed without further action.

Often, these “interviews” are recorded and you are not only a person of interest but legally can be characterized as a suspect and entitled to be admonished regarding anything might say and to defer any action unless and until you are advised by legal counsel.

We are Tough & Determined Professional Nurse License Defense Lawyers

We have a Winning Record in Administrative Law Cases

We are Superb California State Board Defense Attorneys

Spital & Associates was founded in 1978 by attorney Sam Spital , a former Deputy Attorney General and Probation Officer. As the managing attorney supervising seven offices throughout California, a team of 10 lawyers and nearly 50 employees handling over 10,000 cases, Sam’s relentless focus on his clients and their respective needs continues to be the paradigm for his law firm. Sam Spital is a passionate and zealous advocate, seeking prompt and favorable results. Sam’s motto as your personal attorney is: “A Law Firm that Cares!” Highest quality, integrity, service and commitment to our clients are the guiding principles for everything we do.

Our goals are simple:

1.  Superior Ethics: We always conduct our license defense practice honorably and ethically. We will not engage in any Board of Registered Nursing, civil or criminal case that compromises our work or our integrity or are at the expense of our clients.

We don’t short cut and advise our client to make any admissions and/or acknowledge any responsibility unless and until we have aggressively analyzed the State Board, civil or criminal case as well as evaluate possible defense strategies.
2. Service Excellence & Powerful Defense Strategies: We deliver to our RN clients superior service, superior client relations and competent results for our Board of Registered Nursing defense clients. The key to our success is teamwork, powerful, relentless and superior advocacy skills.

As your personal administrative law defense attorney, our role is to “find the errors and mistakes” of law enforcement and/or the state BRN case.

We also are proactive, not only taking the defensive but offensive stance for clients charged with any act of unprofessional conduct, civil misdeed or wrongdoing &/or felony or misdemeanor crime.

We analyze every single aspect of a case: the law, the defenses, the procedures, the witnesses, and the facts.

3. We are the law firm to rely on: We continue to earn the Highest Rated Professional State Board License Defense report card to be your most desirable law firm. As our client, we will provide the highest integrity, honesty and moral character. We don’t assume we are going to win as other lawyers often do. We don’t take things for granted.Best of all, we consistently obtain winning results in Nurse license cases statewide for our clients.

When you retain our law firm as your personal California State Board of Registered Nursing Defense Lawyers, you can trust that we fully understand the BRN and criminal laws. We will develop a strong and effective RN License Defense strategy, no matter how small it may be to the most complex and egregious administrative law case, we take our clients seriously. We care about you and will take into consideration your present concerns, reputation and future status. We get it!

Often, a nurse feels as if she/he should suffer the consequences, incur the sentence and pay the penalties because they engaged in wrongdoing. However, you should not be defined by an isolated misdeed or even a series of bad decisions. Protect your career and good name. Call our experienced Board of Registered Nursing Defense Lawyers. Ask for Managing Attorney Samuel Spital for a free consultation. Call 619.583.0350 now!

We raise Constitutional Guarantees at all stages of your case.

We not only want to win your Board of Registered Nursing case, we want the state to be held accountable . Our license defense attorneys believe our clients should have the best administrative law defense to prevent the government from over-reaching in all licensure cases.

Aside from the multiple licensing defense strategies we develop for each client, we want to be sure that illegally obtained evidence cannot be introduced.

We also want to safeguard you from violations of procedural and Constitutional guarantees. As your Skilled and Dedicated Nurse Defense Attorneys, here is how we will help by employing Powerful Strategies and asserting your:

  • Right to Effective and Successful Legal Counsel
  • Right to Remain Silent
  • Right to Speedy Trial (Administrative Hearing)
  • Right to imaginative use of Administrative Law Discovery Rules & Procedure
  • Right to Subpoena and Compel Witnesses to Testify
  • Right to use cost-effective and distinguished Expert Testimony
  • Right to aggressively Cross Examine and Confront the Prosecution’s Witnesses
  • Right to challenge the introduction and use of all evidence
  • Right to the use of a powerful Trial Brief
  • Right to assert all Constitutional defenses
  • Right to employ Demonstrative Evidence
  • Right of Presumed Innocence
  • Right to Testify on Own Behalf
  • Right to assert Creative Options as your “master” of persuasion
  • Right to negotiate Lesser Penalties and Reduced Terms and Conditions
  • Right to Appeal adverse rulings, appellate errors and improper Decisions

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Before discussing your Board of Registered Nursing case with anyone, you should obtain the advice of experienced and aggressive legal counsel. Contact an attorney at Spital & Associates, in San Diego, California. Ask for Samuel Spital, Managing Attorney. Call for a FREE Attorney Consultation now: 619.583.0350.

We will not gamble on the outcome and want to get it right the first time.

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