Since 1971, a former Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice State of California, Sam Spital prosecuted cases in all State and Federal Courts through the California Supreme Court as well as the US Supreme Court.

Since 1978, he has handled the “defense” of insurance fraud crimes throughout San Diego County.

In the event (a) you are asked to give a statement in person (very likely to be under oath — under penalty of perjury); (b) you are accused; (c) you have been arrested for and/or you are being charged with insurance fraud, call a San Diego insurance fraud DEFENSE lawyer from Spital & Associates to protect your rights and for us to develop a proper and successful defense!

If you are alleged to have provided false information in connection with the application for or make a claim under an insurance policy in which you seek to and/or receive any payment to which you are deemed not entitled, you need to immediately call Managing San Diego Insurance Fraud Defense Attorney Sam Spital at 619.583.0350 for a free consultation.

Insurance Fraud crime cases are brought by law enforcement at the County, State (County District Attorney, California Department of Insurance, Office of Attorney General), and at the Federal level by  the U.S. Attorney. Moreover, a civil lawsuit can be filed by the insurance company involved to seek recovery of any money paid and/or damages under various statutes including the Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations Act (otherwise called RICO — see below for more information).

Commonly filed Insurance Fraud cases involve situations in which one is charged with seeking and/or conspiring to recover and collect damages under an insurance policy including one or more of the following: (1) bringing an automobile claim for property damages (theft, destruction, damage and/or loss of a vehicle); (2) making a personal injury claim (faking an accident, fabricating and/or falsifying physical or psychological injury); (3) bringing a claim under a homeowner’s policy of insurance; or (4) making a claim under a health and/or life insurance policy.

The San Diego insurance fraud lawyers from Spital & Associates can help clients with white collar crime cases. As experienced San Diego insurance fraud “defense” attorneys, Spital & Associates has been helping clients in San Diego, CA for many years. Call our San Diego insurance fraud defense attorneys at 619-583-0350 for your free consultation today!


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