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Serving All California Cities

Since 1971, Former Deputy Attorney General for the State, Sam Spital, has the Highest Avvo “10” Rating and 275 “FIVE-STAR” Reviews of all California Professional and Occupational State Board License Defense Attorneys – Statewide.

     13 Years in a Row, Client’s Choice Award 2007-2020

Sam Spital is our Managing Lawyer and has the distinction of being the highest rated  Administrative Law attorney in California, with over 275 “five star” client reviews and attorney endorsements statewide. The Spital & Associates law firm handles all California Professional and Occupational License client cases in each city in Northern California and Southern California (Statewide) in all stages, including the investigation, application, or disciplinary action filed against a licensee, with a special expertise in the negotiation and settlement of licensing law cases, Administrative Hearings and trials, the reduction of probation and termination of probation, Petitions for Reinstatement, along with Superior Court appeals and the filing of a writ of mandamus to set aside a Decision of a State Agency that has abused its discretion. Sam Spital has also practiced criminal law since 1971 and is uniquely qualified, knowledgeable and experienced in all aspects of California law, penalties, probation and expungement that apply to a licensed professional.

Although the government has what seems an unlimited budget to prosecute its cases, and we may be outnumbered by their legal staff, we are not outsmarted.

At Spital & Associates, we are exceptionally skilled and knowledgeable California professional and occupational license attorneys. As the Managing Attorney, Sam Spital has extensive experience as a former Deputy Attorney General (prosecution attorney for nearly all of the California Boards and Bureaus), and since 1971as a License Defense Counsel he has handled license cases throughout California. To learn more about Administrative Law, the procedures and the Rules and Regulations, here is a sample of the topics:

  • Administrative hearings and adjudication
  • Disciplinary actions
  • Administrative investigations
  • Administrative officers and agents
  • Administrative rule-making
  • Licensing and regulatory enforcement
  • Administrative Law Process – Hearings
  • Administrative Law Process – Settlements
  • Proper and timely response to California licensing agency investigation
  • Representation of licensed professionals in criminal investigations and cases throughout the State
  • Filing time and appropriate appeals of  the denials of licenses
  • Representation in a case in which the government seeks an immediate suspension of a license (e.g. under Penal Code section 23)
  • Negotiations with the California Attorney General or the in-house state board/agency Department Legal Counsel
  • Representation at administrative hearings and obtaining administrative settlements
  • Filing of a Petition for Reinstatement after the loss or revocation of a State license
  • Filing an appeal to Superior Court of an adverse Decision by a State Board or Department
  • Representation during Probation
  • Obtaining an early termination and/or modification of Probation
  • Legal defense to any State or Federal criminal charges that may arise from an investigation

We are available 24/7 if you want an aggressive and affordable statewide license defense attorney. Please contact Spital & Associates. We are tough,smart and know Administrative, Criminal and Civil law.

We Have over 49 years of Experience in State License Matters with Nearly Every California Board, Bureau and Department

Since 1971, when Sam Spital previously served as a Deputy Attorney General (DAG) with the California Department of Justice, he has handled all aspects of California Professional and Occupational License cases, in the investigation and prosecution for state agencies.

Since 1978, Sam has focused on the defense of  State Board Investigations, Legal Advice and Representation for Administrative Law Accusations filed by a DAG, and State Government Regulation matters. Both Sam and his team are uniquely experienced as California Administrative Law Attorneys who have represented clients throughout California involving nearly every single State Board, Bureau, Department and Agency, including the Medical Board of California, Board of Registered Nursing, Respiratory Care BoardOccupational Therapy Board, Contractor’s State License Board, Dental Board of CaliforniaPhysical Therapy Board of California, Board of Pharmacy, Board of Psychology, Board of Behavioral Sciences, Board of Chiropractic Examiners, Board of OptometryVeterinary Medical Board, Board of Podiatric Medicine, Board for Professional Engineers and Land Surveyors, Bureau of Auto Repair, Department of Health Services (DHS), Department of Social Services (DSS), Department of Real Estate (DRE), formerly Bureau of Real Estate (BRE), Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV), and Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) to name a few.

Individual Boards and State Agencies. Department of Consumer Affairs Partial List:

If you want to obtain a State Board or Bureau license in CALIFORNIA or already have a CALIFORNIA professional or occupational license, regardless of where you reside in the United States and Canada. you should call 619.583.0350 for a FREE Attorney Consultation or you are invited to send an email via the following link: contact our offices, to discuss your situation and/or case with former Deputy Attorney General and our Managing Attorney, Sam Spital.

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