An arrest warrant is an order given to law enforcement demanding the arrest and detention of a person. These warrants typically will be issued where there is suspicion of criminal activity. If the police or sheriff reasonably suspects criminal activity has occurred, they can obtain a sworn statement from the alleged victim to present to a judge who will sign an Order for that person’s arrest.

Arrest and Bench Warrants

The San Diego District Attorney can also sign a sworn statement to obtain an arrest warrant. Another example of when an arrest warrant is issued is after a Grand Jury indictment. Unfortunately, an individual may not become aware that an arrest warrant exists until they are arrested.

Where Is An Arrest Warrant Served?

An arrest warrant may be served at an individual’s home or place of business, which can be quite embarrassing and highly inconvenient.. When the arrest warrant is executed, the suspect is handcuffed and taken to jail. In certain high-profile cases, the news media may also be present.

When To Contact a San Diego Arrest Warrant Attorney?

If you become aware there is an outstanding arrest warrant, call Spital & Associates immediately as you are at risk of being arrested during the day or night. We want to protect your from officers trying to get statements, admissions or confessions from you since any statements you make to them can and will be used against you, no matter how nice and friendly they appear. Spital & Associates handles all arrest warrants in San Diego County on a regular basis. If we are retained, we will go to court to have the arrest warrant cancelled to avoid your custody in County jail. We are skilled and experienced advocates who will present the proper arguments to have you released without posting bail or we will argue the necessary grounds to lower the bail to get you out of jail. Call 619.583.0350 or send an e-mail for your free case evaluation today.

Should You Hire a San Diego Arrest Warrant Attorney?

You should not go to court to explain the case to the judge without an experienced criminal attorney. Sadly, we hear from far too many who have tried and failed in their attempt to offer what they believe is a valid excuse. Most judges have heard all of the excuses that are offered. Call us immediately to have the arrest warrant recalled (cleared), and we will.present the appropriate legal arguments on your behalf

What is a Bench Warrant?

These are the most common type of warrants. Typically, a bench warrant is a court order for the immediate arrest of a person who failed to appear in court on the date of a scheduled hearing, such as your arraignment (time to enter a plea of not guilty) after being charged with a crime. Similarly, if you fail to appear for your sentencing hearing &/or show proof of your compliance with a court-ordered term of your probation (such as payment of fines, attendance at certain classes, completion of community service, etc.), a bench warrant will be issued.

Call Us Now!

You should send us an email or call Spital & Associates if you learn a bench warrant has been issued. We will go to court to have the bench warrant cancelled, and if possible, to help you avoid time in jail. We will argue to have you released without posting bail; in a case where bail is ordered, we will argue the necessary grounds to lower the bail. Do not go to court to explain your situation without an experienced lawyer. Send us an email or call 619.583.0350 now.

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