Construction Accidents

The San Diego construction accident lawyers at Spital & Associates provide knowledgeable, aggressive representation for clients who have endured personal injury, spinal cord injuries, or wrongful death because of an accident on a residential, commercial, or industrial construction property. Construction sites are loaded with hazards and contractors and construction site owners are required under California and Federal laws to provide a safe working environment.

If a party is injured or killed on a site, the owner or contractor may be liable for these injuries, which can include broken bones, scarring, head injuries, or wrongful death. Injuries sustained from construction sites often result in sizable medical bills and loss of work and wages due to disability. Worker’s compensation can provide a certain level of compensation for injuries, but is often not adequate enough to cover permanent losses. The San Diego construction injury attorneys at Spital & Associates are ready to aggressively work to get you or someone you love the financial compensation they deserve due to a construction site owner’s negligence.

The San Diego construction site injury attorneys at Spital & Associates represent a number of different types of construction accident clients, from carpenters, equipment operators, plumbers, and painters, to people who do not work on the site but have been injured there. If you or someone you love has been injured on a construction site, call our San Diego construction accident attorneys at (619) 583-0350 today!


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