1st Grade Teacher Re-Arrested on Child Porn Charges (Sam Spital)


 “Internet sex crimes against children are escalating and parents need to be vigilant to avoid what has become a despicable and outrageous scourge in modern society. Clearly, the solution is not to remove computers from children. Even using available tools to restrict access on individual computers is not a full-proof solution because the internet can be accessed at countless places and in locations otherwise unknown by a parent. Open, regular and continuous communications between parents and children continues to be the most valuable approach advocated by most counselors, teachers and experts. The goal is not to cross the boundary to become a friend rather than a parent, but certainly to build and maintain love and respect, as well as establishing proper ethics and morals.

On December 6, 2012, a 41 year old first grade elementary school teacher in Chula Vista, a city in San Diego, was arrested on suspicion of 11 counts of lewd and lascivious acts on children under the age of 14. One of the charges is molesting a young boy. Apparently, the suspect posed as a 13 year old girl who used a web site named ‘MeetMe’ and has utilized other similar web sites to lure young boys to disrobe during webcam communications. The story contained no reference to possible exculpatory evidence (facts that would be favorable to the defense), remorse and/or mitigation, all of which may likely be presented by defense counsel on behalf of the suspect.

This has allegedly taken place while charges are already pending on possessing child pornography.Bail has been set for approximately $1 million.”

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