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Since 1971, a former Deputy Attorney General, Department of Justice State of California, Sam Spital prosecuted cases in all State and Federal Courts through the California Supreme Court as well as the US Supreme Court. Since 1978, he ad his associate has handled the defense of robbery cases throughout San Diego County.

Under California Penal Code 211, robbery is the taking of money or property of another against his or her will and by actual force and/or implied force by threats, intimidation or other means of violence. If the San Diego County robbery is not completed, it is an “attempted robbery.” Both of these crimes are deemed felony strikes (see the middle of this page). We want to be your personal San Diego Robbery Defense Attorneys and ask that you call for a free consultation with our Managing Lawyer to help evaluate your robbery case and the defense strategies we can employ on your behalf.
If you are a convicted felon with a PRIOR STRIKE you face a doubled prison sentence for any future strike convictions. “Strikes” stay on your record forever, there are greater punishments and when there are two or three strikes the consequences are even more severe. If a weapon is involved, the prosecution alleges “special allegations,” which if you are convicted may involve additional years to your prison sentence. If the prosecutor adds “gang allegations,” this can mean an additional 10 years to your sentence.

These are some of the reasons you want to retain this law firm to level the playing field and obtain a winning result. The San Diego District Attorney can charge Robbery as varying degrees of felonies: first, second and third degree, all of which are based on the severity of the offense. Of course, each degree has greater fines and penalties.

First Degree Robbery in California carries a state prison sentence from three to nine years. First degree robbery involves the robbery of a home, condominium, town home, apartment or other inhabited residential dwelling, as well as of a motor vehicle or trailer (for example, carjacking). Obtain effective legal counsel with Spital & Associates on your side.

Second Degree Robbery is punishable in the state prison from two to five years. Carjacking carries a state prison sentence of three to nine years. We are aware that if there is a deadly weapon used during the course of a robbery you are subject to a mandatory minimum 10-year prison sentence. We take our work seriously. If the weapon was fired during the robbery, there is a minimum 20 year prison sentence. If someone is physically harmed by the weapon there is a minimum sentence of 25 years to life. Second degree robbery includes all other forms of robbery (for example, strong arm robbery or mugging). Regardless of the value of the item stolen, robbery is a felony if it was taken from someone’s person. If you used a weapon during a robbery, you can face a prison sentence.

Under these circumstances, you cannot afford not to retain our experienced and winning felony robbery lawyers in San Diego, CA; call us now for a free consult with our Managing San Diego robbery defense  Attorney, Sam Spital at 619.583.0350. You need an effective and aggressive legal defense team to represent you when you are being investigated for or charged with robberyy. We are as close as your telephone to get a free evaluation of your case.


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