At Spital & Associates, we have handled professional licensing, state Board cases and administrative law issues in Southern California and Northern California (Statewide) since 1978 when our Managing Attorney Sam Spital established the law firm after serving many tears as a Deputy Attorney General, California Department of Justice, prosecuting cases for nearly every state Board, Agency and Department in California.

If you are considering filing an application for a professional license, believe you may be subject to or under investigation, or have been accused of unprofessional conduct or wrongdoing of any kind, your should call us immediately for a free teleconference with our Managing Lawyer. We are here to protect and advance your rights so that you can enjoy your career and future knowing we are on your side, tough and smart, with extensive experience and knowledge of the licensing laws in California. We have the highest AVVO rating as statewide California professional license defense lawyers. You should not settle for less. We know you worked hard to obtain your license and should protect your career. At Spital & Associates, we fight for our state Board license professional clients and we do not gamble on the outcome nor are we satisfied with doing less or only a mediocre job for you . #1 CLIENT’S CHOICE AWARD -2007 thru and including 2024 (unprecedented 18 years in a row)

Contact us today to speak with Attorney Samuel Spital and to obtain a free telephone consultation if you are seeking or wish to obtain a professional or occupational license in the future, or if you face an investigation or an Accusation has been filed against your existing license.

Understanding the Administrative Law Settlement Process

Are you aware of possible grounds for an investigation, have been contacted and you believe you are under investigation, applying for a license or facing the loss of your professional license due to criminal action or other professional wrongdoing?

We have extensive experience and have achieved the highest rating statewide as California Professional License Attorneys. At Spital & Associates, we will advocate your case in the most aggressive and persuasive manner possible. We are passionate about obtaining a winning result, whether to proceed to formal Administrative Hearing or trial, or to present a comprehensive legal package (perhaps 50 to 150 pages in length) to support our presentation in an effort to negotiate a desired resolution on your behalf.

Naturally, our primary goal is to determine whether the matter can be dismissed without any formal Disciplinary Action imposed. Although attorneys cannot use previous cases to predict future results in your cased, we have successfully obtained withdrawals of State Board License Accusations and Professional License investigations have been closed without any disciplinary action.

We painstakingly develop a plan of action and strategy to accomplish the goals and expectation of our clients. We will seek the most favorable terms and conditions of a “Stipulated Settlement,” but only if it is a “win-win” situation for you.

The Stipulated Settlement in a State Professional License case involves a multitudinous variety of “soft” and “hard” Terms and Conditions, each of which involve serious and potentially protracted negotiation by our top California Administrative Law Attorneys and the highest rated statewide California License Defense Lawyers. We will only entertain this objective after you understand and fully agree with a potential settlement, because you do not have to give up your constitutionally guaranteed rights and protections that include but are not limited to the following:

  • Your right to an administrative hearing, with a full presentation of evidence and witnesses on your behalf
  • Your right to testify at an administrative hearing
  • Your right to cross-examine the state’s witnesses and to object to evidence the government seeks to introduce at the State Board license hearing
  • The right to seek reconsideration and/or file an appeal of the Decision to Superior Court and through the Appellate Court system
  • A entire panoply of due process protections in your administrative law case

In those Professional State Board cases where our client prefers to obtain an early resolution and not a full Administrative Hearing or trial, here is what we will do: We will craft a comprehensive settlement with favorable terms and conditions that is unique to our client, but only after countless hours of review and analysis, research, preparing a powerful legal brief citing statutes, case law, and after our team of skilled, experienced and highly credentialed Professional License Defense Attorneys collaborate and strategize each aspect of your case. Ultimately, we want a resolution that provides a less severe punishment and/or more favorable Decision if you are not going to a time consuming and public Administrative Hearing or trial; we will seek an early and less costly disposition of the case with a lengthy and persuasive presentation of the facts and law. We will discuss with you the alternatives as well as the advantages of entering into a specialized settlement, such as how you can avoid the additional time, inconvenience, expense, uncertainty of result and possible adverse media attention that are some of the considerations.

Highest Rated Skilled Masters of Negotiation Working for You

We want you to know that Settlements are the result of skilled and relentless negotiation between our experienced Professional License Lawyers. In some cases, the Attorney General’s Office is counsel for the Board, and in other instances the agency, such as the Department of Real Estate, Department of Social Services, Department of Consumer Affairs, Secretary of State, etc. has its own Legal Counsel assigned to the case. Nonetheless, you should have a master of persuasion on your side. As your highly skilled and experienced attorney-negotiator on your team can influence and make a difference in the nature and extent of each of the terms and conditions of a settlement and, therefore, we urge you to call our offices today. As a former Deputy Attorney General (since 1971 as a prosecutor) representing the various Boards and Agencies in California, Sam Spital brings to the table his unique natural ability, knowledge, insight and the experience you want. He is familiar with the prosecution theory and case; hence, he and his team will develop a defense as well as offense along with leading forensic experts to win your case. We believe that winning should be your goal.

Regardless of whether you want an early resolution or you desire an opportunity to present your case at an Administrative Hearing or trial, Sam and his team of skilled, experienced and highly distinguished California State Board License Attorneys are available and work seven days a week. We are relentless in our desire to achieve a favorable result for each of our administrative law, professional state board license client whether they are in California or have a California license and reside out of state.

Our role in administrative law, state board and professional license defense cases entails both the evaluation and analysis of the facts and law, potential negotiation and settlement, and preparation and presentation of an extensive and persuasive defense to positively influence both the outcome of the case, including the nature and extent of the penalty and/or fines sought to be imposed.

When you hire us, you will benefit from:

  • A proven results-oriented powerful system that is a product of more than 39 years of handling these cases as a former Deputy Attorney General and Professional License Law Defense Attorney;
  • Unstoppable team of advocates who do not simply accept “no” in negotiating a settlement; we want the best for you, including negotiating down any fines that are being assessed and other key terms and conditions sought by the government. We do not employ  junior associates, and we do not use paralegals or law clerks to handle our cases. You will work with Attorney Samuel Spital and his Senior Associate Attorney who will fight for you as long and hard as it takes to obtain a winning solution in your license defense..
  • Decades of experience working with prosecutors from the Attorney General’s Office as well as Legal Counsel from the Department of Real Estate, Secretary of State, Department of Consumer Affairs, Department of Social Services, etc.
  • We work long hours, averaging 14 per day, seven days a week, from 8am to 9pm daily;
  • Successful results that frequently lead to reduced fines — enough that the savings may even offset the attorney’s fees our client has paid to us, as well as favorable outcomes (attorneys cannot use past performance to predict your case result)

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