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Slaying Suspect Speaks from Jail: ‘I Lost It’ (SAM SPITAL)

“This is a case in which a man in his late thirties was caught two years after killing his wife, who was in her late teens a short time after she gave birth to their child. At the time of his arraignment he confessed to the crime, asserting his remorse and regret. Sadly, their infant … Read More

Child accused in San Diego stabbing murder found mentally incompetent (SAM SPITAL)

“Any time a 10 or 11 year old child is charged with murder, it is not only unspeakable for the victim’s family but the family of the accused also suffers emotional harm. It has been reported the child in this case had a mental illness, the Juvenile Court Judge found him mentally incompetent and, therefore, … Read More

Tennis referee arrested in bludgeoning death of elderly husband in Los Angeles (SAM SPITAL)

“Any time there is a suspicious death or homicide, the law enforcement will first look to the most recent person known to be in contact with the decedent and/or a spouse as the likely perpetrator. Nonetheless, one should not rush to judgment and/or infer an improper motive until all of the facts and circumstances are … Read More

SAN DIEGO: Three family members killed in home (SAM SPITAL)

“It is horrific any time there is a killing, but far worse when it involves family members; yet, even more ghastly when infants are also involved in a homicide. There simply is too much violence occurring in society. Whether it is a struggling economy, huge debt, a bankrupt government, unemployment, underemployment or quite often tension … Read More

Two LA Clerk’s Office employees disclose confidential information (SAM SPITAL)

“The allegation that two employees in the Clerk’s Office of the Los Angeles County Superior Court used their position to obtain and disclose confidential information is serious. This not only raises the question as to a violation of their oath of office, but a breach of their duty to the public they serve. No one … Read More

Bill offers juvenile lifers 2nd chance (SAM SPITAL)

The Bill is premised on the theory anyone under age 18 (except those convicted of torture or the killing of a law enforcement officer) can obtain what amounts to a “get out of prison card” because juveniles should not be incarcerated for life without parole if they can show rehabilitation. But, it is a slippery … Read More

Woman falsely represents a licensed physician

“Nothing could be more personal than the care and treatment provided by a licensed physician. We place our trust and confidence in doctors and in turn expect them to apply their sound judgment to carry out proper medical protocols and procedures, and to provide the appropriate medical advice and services. For anyone to falsely represent … Read More

Miami-Area Patient Broker Sentenced for Role in $200 Million Fraud Scheme

The amount of fraud and waste connected with the Medicare program is staggering. Not only are these dollars being taken away from the fund to use for patients that need and deserve care and treatment, but it is adding to and crippling the huge debt of the United States. It is inconceivable for the public … Read More

Hamden cops arrest teen in weekend slaying of man, 22 (SAM SPITAL)

“Sadly, bad things can happen to good people. It is so important that family members, friends and associates be aware of problematic signs that often cause individuals to make bad decisions and/or engage in criminal behavior, and even with no prior criminal history. There are simply far too many pressures that society faces and people … Read More

Special needs teacher arrested for relationship with student?

Clearly, we must maintain the integrity of our legal system and the principle that “a person is innocent until proven guilty.” However, it is unspeakable for a teacher to use her position of trust to engage in sexual relations with a student. Even more despicable is for a special education teacher to engage in such … Read More