2.5 million put at risk from security breaches in 2012

There were about 130 breaches of consumer data in California in 2012, according to a recent report. This put about 2.5 million people at risk.

The area that had the most breaches was the retail sector, with financial institutions and insurance providers following on the list.

Personal data being compromised is not only newsworthy but evinces a horrible scourge in society today. If we cannot rely upon our private information being protected by and with whom we conduct business, we will have to go back to the days of cash only and 100% anonymous transactions. It seems elementary that when we pay a fee to use credit cards and part of the cost of the items we buy of necessity includes an implied if not express promise our privacy should and will be protected. It is despicable that we cannot fully rely upon being safeguarded by these organizations, whether small or large, governmental or in the public sector.