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California Government Considering Law to Become Sanctuary State

California Senate Bill 54 has recently been introduced; it proposes to establish a new law to prohibit law enforcement agencies from cooperating with Federal Immigration Authorities. Whether state law enforcement (State Police; CHP, etc.), county (Sheriff), city (local police),  school police or security departments, organization or individual, they would be prohibited from investigating, detaining and/or … Read More

Hiring An Attorney Who Is Tough, Smart & Knows the Law

Do you or someone you know have a professional or occupational license and facing an investigation or charges by the State of California? Are you seeking a professional or occupational license? Have you considered your future endeavors and how the potential outcome of the present situation can adversely impact the choices you may later have … Read More

Are Firearms The Real Problem or People Who Abuse them?

With the escalating scourge of mass killings, we are obliged to examine both the underlying causes of and potential solutions to drastically reduce mass shootings, by those with depraved and evil minds, sociopaths, psychopaths, terrorists and barbarians who without any conscience (morals) whatsoever use military style assault weapons and/or stockpile and then utilize huge quantities … Read More

Appeals Court Upholds California Death Penalty

On November 12, 2015, the United States 9th Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the constitutionality of the California Death Penalty and in so doing reversed the ruling by the US District Court that decided under the 8th Amendment it was unconstitutional as cruel and unusual punishment because of lengthy and unpredictable delays. The California Attorney … Read More

Long-term inmates move to county jails

Governor Jerry Brown’s plan to ease state prison overcrowding has created other problems. Now, county jails that are not built to hold long-term prisoners are being forced to take felons with long sentences. Sheriffs say that these prisoners pose security threats and are more than the jails can handle. Though it is good to think … Read More

California may begin using digital license plates

California may try a pilot program that would test digital license plates. The effort would cut down on processing and shipping costs. The initial program would have up to 160,000 California drivers participating. The bill passed through the Assembly, 71-3, and will return to the Senate for a final vote. While the program would certainly save … Read More

Bill would allow multiple legal parents

A measure that would allow for a child to have more than two legal parents is headed to the governor’s office. If passed, this would make California the fifth state to pass such a law. Delaware, Maine, Louisiana, and Pennsylvania already allow for more than two legal parents. The bill would mark a change in … Read More

Escondido council gets rid of red-light cameras

The Escondido City Council voted unanimously to take out the red-light cameras in the city. Even though their contract doesn’t end until December, the police chief said that he and his officers would immediately stop issuing tickets for red-light camera violations. Escondido is hardly the first city to stop using red-light cameras. San Diego, El … Read More

Officials warn about lottery scam

A new lottery scam that targets the elderly is offering millions but instead gives nothing. A San Diego couple lost about $30,000 to the scheme, which used an official San Diego County seal on a letter, and a photocopy of a check for $2.5 million made out to the couple. The letter told them that … Read More

Judge approved request to force-feed inmates

A federal judge approved a request to force-feed California inmates if needed. It is the seventh week of a statewide prison hunger strike. Since July 8, almost 70 prisoners have refused the prison-issued meals, and officials fear for their welfare. If prisoners have signed do-not-resuscitate requests, policy is to let them starve to death. However, … Read More