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California Government Considering Law to Become Sanctuary State

California Senate Bill 54 has recently been introduced; it proposes to establish a new law to prohibit law enforcement agencies from cooperating with Federal Immigration Authorities. Whether state law enforcement (State Police; CHP, etc.), county (Sheriff), city (local police),  school police or security departments, organization or individual, they would be prohibited from investigating, detaining and/or … Read More

Sex offenders, criminals allowed to be counselors

The lax credentialing system in California has allowed convicted sex offenders and people with substance abuse problems to work with clients. California is one of only two states that does not require background check on people who are registering to become substance-abuse counselors. No criminal background check is run, and in fact applicants are never asked … Read More

CA Judge Considers Sex Offenders on Social Media (Sam Spital)

Commentary by San Diego Sex Crimes Defense & Criminal Attorney Sam Spital: “On Monday, December 17, 2012, KNBC Channel 7 online edition contained a story regarding a hearing before the United States District Court and the validity of a recent 81% voter-approved initiative commonly referred to as Proposition 35 requiring registered sex offenders (RSO’s) to … Read More

Sex offenders remain free after violations – Nearly 500 avoid re-incarceration, prison department calls it ‘a small number’ (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY SAM SPITAL: “The article published in the UT San Diego news on November 6, 2012 described the potentially unintended result of the October, 2011 legislation that authorized a transfer of inmates from California State Prisons to local County Jails. Thereafter, many were released, later violated the law but were not … Read More

Sex predator released from supervision (Sam Spital)

“On October 2, 2012, in a UT San Diego News article, a Defendant who pled guilty to and was convicted of child molestation in 1989 was reported to have been released from further custody after two psychological evaluations opined he was unlikely to engage in violent sexual criminal behavior. This followed a recent hearing in … Read More

Megan’s Law – Summary of California Law On Sex Offender

“The Medical Board of California on September 20, 2012, reported its investigation of a physician who practices OB-GYN in two neighboring communities in Los Angeles, the community of Northridge and Van Nuys, who was arrested on two felony counts of Sexual Penetration with a Foreign Object-Unconscious, a violation of California Penal Code section 289 (d).This … Read More