Boy, 15, charged with murder in Vista stabbing (Sam Spital)


“It is a sad commentary in today’s society that so many individuals’ lives will be adversely impacted by a 15 year old boy who otherwise could have used his youth as an opportunity to grow to be a productive adult and realize the happiness found in achieving goals and paying forward. Instead, the UT San Diego News posted an article on November 21, 2012 about this teenager who was charged as an adult for Assault with a Deadly Weapon and Murder with Gang allegations in connection with the stabbing death of a competing gang member in a local park in Vista. The boy faces 30 years to life for the killing.

The reporter did not include any family history, explanation, and/or mitigation regarding the offender; and of course, the reader is left with a question whether any possible exculpatory evidence might exist to explain, much less to demonstrate justification for the brutal attack. The defense counsel will likely perform a thorough investigation with family, friends and potential witnesses to better evaluate the facts of the incident as well as to determine whether the defendant has any remorse that can be presented at the penalty phase of the court case.”

–Sam Spital