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Orange County Doctor Arrested on Suspicion of Possessing Child Pornography – Dr. Pete Thomas, accused of possessing thousands of pornographic images involving children, turned himself in to a judge Tuesday (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY SAM SPITAL, California Professional License Attorney and San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer: “A Podiatrist surrendered himself after an arrest warrant was issued for felony possession of child pornography per an account by the NBC Channel 7 online news edition on December 12, 2012. Little if anything else was reported in the article, and … Read More

Doctor charged with battery will keep license; Mott placed on 5-year probation, again (Sam Spital)

Commentary by SAM SPITAL, CALIFORNIA ADMINISTRATIVE LAW & CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: “The California North Coast Times Standard newspaper on December 10, 2012 reported the Medical Board of California based upon a Stipulated Settlement imposed a revocation stayed and five years’ probation this month as its disciplinary action against Robert Alan Mott, a physician who previously … Read More

1st Grade Teacher Re-Arrested on Child Porn Charges (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY SAN DIEGO CRIMINAL ATTORNEY SAM SPITAL:  “Internet sex crimes against children are escalating and parents need to be vigilant to avoid what has become a despicable and outrageous scourge in modern society. Clearly, the solution is not to remove computers from children. Even using available tools to restrict access on individual computers is not a full-proof solution … Read More

Sentencing for man convicted of daycare molestation (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY SAM SPITAL, SAN DIEGO CRMINAL, PERSONAL INJURY AND ADMINISTRATIVE LAW ATTORNEY: “On December 6, 2012, KFMB Channel 8 posted online an article about a 54 year old man who was convicted of child molestation and oral copulation of a 4 year old child. He faces up the 23 years to life in prison. … Read More

Del Mar plastic surgeon facing serious allegations from state medical board – Paul Chasan in middle of administration hearing (Sam Spital)

commentary by CALIFORNIA MEDICAL BOARD & PROFESSIONAL LICENSE DEFENSE LAWYERS: “On November 28, 2012, ABC 10 News posted online a report of a local physician facing charges by the Medical Board of California (MBC) in connection with an Accusation filed seeking to suspend or revoke his license to practice medicine. A very brief summary was … Read More

Nurses Videotaped in Sex Acts Worked for Unlicensed Company (Sam Spital)

Commentary by SAN DIEGO CRIMINAL LAW AND PROFESSIONAL LICENSE DEFENSE ATTORNEY: “This story was updated and published on November 8, 2012 by San Diego Channel 6 News regarding two registered nurses who were caught by home surveillance equipment and videotaped masturbating and performing oral sex on each other near, as well as kissing and fondling, a female … Read More

Chula Vista teacher accused of sex with ex-student (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY SAM SPITAL: “On October 31 2012, Fox Local News reported a 32 year old ninth grade English teacher at a Chula Vista High School, a suburb of San Diego, was arrested for a several-year long sexual encounter in which he was charged with fourteen (14) counts of oral copulation upon … Read More

Alleged Abusive Caregiver has Troubled Past (Sam Spital)

“NBC News and the Union Tribune reported that a Registered Nurse performing as a caregiver was arrested on multiple criminal charges for physical abuse of a 23 year old patient who is severely autistic. According to a Complaint filed by the District Attorney, the defendant is charged with several counts of willful cruelty to a … Read More

4-year sentence for San Diego real estate agent (SAM SPITAL)

“The article linked to my commentary describes a 32 year old Real Estate Agent who was sentenced to four years in Prison for falsifying loan documents to help convicted drug traffickers obtain two homes to cultivate huge quantities of marijuana. The reporter failed to describe the defense, offense and mitigation, if any. Hence, it is … Read More