Five Common Misconceptions About Professional License Defense Attorneys

No one should gamble on their career.

When clients call us, we hear of countless errors, omissions, and challenges in their case, whether they had the courage to handle it on their own or hire a lawyer. Hence, it is critical that YOU learn about the material facts and operative legal issues that are deemed essential to the California Regulatory Agencies. Additionally, you want to obtain the maximum benefit from retaining a Professional or Occupational License Attorney.

Therefore, it is best to perform due diligence and research of the prospective lawyer by looking in advance at a national directory, such as, to obtain each lawyer’s rating; number, nature and recency of “5-STAR” client reviews; endorsements by other lawyers; number, type, and recency of national awards; full resume, including number of years in practice; law school graduated; lawyer’s articles and/or books written; lectures presented by the attorney; and whether the attorney served as legal counsel for the particular Board, Department or Agency involved.

As such, YOU will then be able to make an objective numerical list of the qualifications, capabilities and written proven success of the attorney from whom you desire legal advice and representation. It is noteworthy, the State Bar of California cautions the public to NOT use past performance as a prediction of future results. Instead, to focus on objective factors. Ultimately, there must be a substantial basis for complete trust and confidence or you may select an attorney that is not effective in what may be a defining moment in your life, now and in the future.

Misconception #1: The attorney’s fee is the most important criteria in hiring a lawyer. That is a false narrative since there are lawyers who seek to handle more cases in order to charge the same or less than a superb attorney. The volume offsets the fees they collect. More importantly, by limiting the professional services,  you will at best obtain a superficial end product , if at all; and, a result you do not now or later have confidence was the best possible outcome under all of the facts and circumstances. Clearly, you know there is a difference in a verbal presentation or letter vs. a comprehensive written legal argument, perhaps 60-75 pages in length, supported by exculpatory evidence and other proof submitted on your behalf. In other words, there should be a meticulous process utilized to demonstrate in a forceful and comprehensive manner why and how you should NOT be defined by claims, mistakes and allegations of the past, if any.

Misconception #2: Any lawyer can handle a Licensing case. This is a huge fallacy. Even the advantages set forth above will not be enough if the lawyer of your choice does not have the natural ability, true passion, and relentless commitment to obtain a favorable outcome for YOU. As such, the lawyer needs to obtain all of the facts and scrutinize each of the legal issues; identify and strategize on the points the Regulatory Agency will deem legally significant; obtain one or more credible forensic experts to write a compelling Forensic Report to substantiate the elements, conclusions and inferences that support the attorney’s defense, along with his/her pivotal “offense.”

Misconception #3: What you wish for is what you will get. In Administrative Law, this is a misunderstanding because hope is NOT a strategy. Here again, it is essential you focus upon objective criteria to accomplish your goal(s). Of course, one’s resources are a valid consideration. However, some individuals think primarily about the cost of the legal services, and most frequently do so by NOT focusing on what they have to lose. Nothing is more important than fulfilling your dreams or goals, even when there are or may be challenges. YOU deserve to be content in your personal and professional life. The rewards of achieving what you strive for are priceless. Every day you wake up is sweeter knowing you are doing what you want, no matter what it takes to reach the destination. Search for a lawyer who works harder, longer and smarter, rather than choosing a lawyer on the basis of his/her fees alone.

Misconception #4: Hiring a lawyer is a standalone solution. This is a misconception because a lawyer does not work alone. YOU should be an integral part of a well-planned process. You can bring useful facts, generous details and real advantages as a team member. Of course, you want a tough, smart, experienced, and skilled advocate. However, you are also a crucial player in order for your lawyer to level the playing field. The result can be evolving, complete, and effective; just as in the case of an enhanced, compelling, and memorable production, script, story, movie or performance.

Misconception #5: Retaining an experienced lawyer will suffice. Maybe. Possibly. Potentially. However, why settle for less when YOU can have a trusted, respected, and truly superb lawyer who understands the challenges you face with a unique commitment to achieve an outstanding result, even against big government. It starts with a fighter who is a compassionate and dedicated advocate, laser focused on developing meaningful strategies for YOU.

Next Step: Weigh the alternatives, pros and cons, and choose value and benefits over expediency.