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Choosing the Right Lawyer

The choice of a lawyer is an important decision, and it should never be based solely upon the attorney’s fee. Before making your choice of a lawyer, you should give your situation careful thought. It goes without saying, the selection of an attorney is an important decision. Our clients favor our “natural” ability, “art of … Read More

Should a Nurse File a Disability Claim?

Some attorneys may caution against a nurse filing a disability claim since a “disability alone” (by itself) can be the basis for the BRN to seek disciplinary action against an RN, including issuing an Interim Suspension Order (ISO), which is to cease and desist working during a pending suspension. On the other hand, an individual … Read More

Five Common Misconceptions About Professional License Defense Attorneys

No one should gamble on their career. When clients call us, we hear of countless errors, omissions, and challenges in their case, whether they had the courage to handle it on their own or hire a lawyer. Hence, it is critical that YOU learn about the material facts and operative legal issues that are deemed … Read More