Hotel rape suspect arrested, linked to park assault (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Criminal Attorney Sam Spital:

“The UT online edition of the news on December 27, 2012, reported a previous rape suspect was now arrested for assault, rape, attempted murder and false imprisonment of a hotel housekeeper. The 44 year old offender who was released after an arrest for rape in October due to insufficient evidence, was reportedly linked by DNA to both the previous and current vicious crimes.

The defense attorney may be faced with what is often irrefutable DNA evidence establishing guilt, however, that still leaves open the issue regarding the penalty for the crimes. This is a significant area for the experienced lawyer to set forth with compelling evidence the elements of remorse, if any, as well as mitigation.

As a criminal defense attorney, it is my considered opinion that a sentence should depend upon multiple factors and not just the proof of a crime. Here is the opportunity to view the entire panoply of facts, issues and history regarding both the crime and the defendant. For example, the life and social history of the defendant as well as the lack of any prior jail &/or prison sentence are material facts and certainly highly relevant to the disposition of a case.”