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Unintended Consequences of Criminal Offenders Being Transferred from State Prison to County Jail

The growing population of over 150,000 inmates in state prisons in California has exceeded the level the U.S. Supreme Court opined in 2011 is permissible. There has been litigation in Federal Court to obtain a more speedy reduction of the state prison population, and a new law has been enacted as a result of the … Read More

Should law Enforcement Be Permitted to Stop and Search on the Basis of an Anonymous Tip of Reckless Driving?

In the U.S. Supreme Court case of PRADO NAVARETTE et al. v. CALIFORNIA, 12-9490 (April 22, 2014), the Court held the Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution was not violated and, therefore, the traffic stop by a CHP law enforcement in which the officer searched the bed of a pickup truck and found about thirty … Read More

State workers charged with accepting bribes

Two state workers were arrested for accepting bribes from a state toner contractor, according to officials. Michael Mathison, owner of the Veterans Toners Services, has been accused of inflating quotes for office supplies, and then providing even more inflated fake quotes from competitors. That way, his company got the business from the Department of Fish … Read More

Gun owner charged in accidental shooting death

55-year-old Todd Conrad Francis is being charged with three felony counts: involuntary manslaughter, child endangerment and criminal storage of a firearm. Francis’ 9-year-old daughter was playing with her neighbor Eric Klyaz in the garage on June 4. They were handling Francis’ 9 mm pistol when it apparently went off, killing Klyaz. At the time, the … Read More

San Diego seal beach closed at night after women are caught on camera hitting and kicking animals

A beach in San Diego that allowed visitors to observe seals in their natural habitat will close its gates at night after footage revealed two women caught abusing the animals. Although the footage was captured late in January, the video only emerged this week. “The behavior was shocking, reprehensible and certainly not a reflection of … Read More

Police arrest four drug suspects following high-speed chase

  A high-speed chase in San Diego ended with the arrest of four individuals who are now facing drug charges.   According to the report, authorities had information that led them to believe the vehicle was involved in narcotics trafficking or use. However, the driver refused to pull over when asked and instead led police … Read More


Commentary by Criminal Law Attorney SAM SPITAL:“On January 30, 2013, the UT San Diego electronic edition published an article about a Riverside County 22 year old murder suspect who was arrested the previous day by the San Diego Police. He was identified as Matthew Rowley and reportedly in San Diego. After several hours, the alleged … Read More

Military Sex Crimes Increasing Despite Training – Officials struggle to explain why the problem has grown (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Sex Crime Defense and San Diego Criminal Attorney Sam Spital: “On January 21, 2013, in the digital edition of the NBC Channel 39 news, an article was published regarding the growing sexual crimes, including sodomy, adultery, pornography and related offenses such as sexual harassment. It was revealed that about 30% of commanders in … Read More

Man Kidnapped During Bogus Craigslist Dealing (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Criminal Attorney Sam Spital: “A suspect is facing kidnapping and attempted robbery charges in a plot that began with an advertisement on Craigslist by a seller who intended to find a buyer for his camera lens &/or photography equipment. The NBC Channel 39 online news reported on January 16, 2013 the male adult … Read More

Sketches released in kidnapping attempt (Sam Spital)

Commentary by Criminal Defense Attorney Sam Spital: “The San Diego County Sheriff’s Department produced sketches of three suspects in an attempted kidnapping about 1:30 p.m. of an eighteen year old woman according to the UT News on January 1, 2013. It was revealed in the article that the teenager was pulled into the cab of … Read More