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Man suspected of escaping police custody, beating elderly woman with handcuffs – Good Samaritan runs suspect down, police say (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY CRIMINAL DEFENSE and PERSONAL INJURY LAWYER SAM SPITAL: “ABC Channel 10 News on November 27, 2012 posted online their account of a suspect who had been arrested in the evening hours during the past weekend for burglary of an automobile and escaped before being completely handcuffed and placed in the SDPD cruiser; and … Read More

19-year sentence for fatal rock beating (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY SAM SPITAL, CRIMINAL DEFENSE ATTORNEY: “On November 15, 2012, the UT San Diego news reported the defendant with a long history of drug related offenses in a revenge and repeated beating with a rock to the head of a 31 year old homeless man was sentenced to 19 Years to Life in State … Read More