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Judge Won’t Lower Bail for Arizona Woman Accused in Death of Stranger at Sorrento Valley Hotel (Sam Spital)

COMMENTARY BY HOMICIDE CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER SAM SPITAL: “A story was published online by San Diego 6 local news on November 28, 2012 in which a defendant is charged with second-degree murder in which the Judge declined to reduce the $1 million bail. It is interesting that the defense attorney referenced the killing to be … Read More

Mother faces charges for death of baby (Sam Spital)

“CBS reported on September 10, 2012 the death of a seven month old boy who fell out of a third floor apartment window and died. The mother was taken into custody and faces criminal charges for murder. The summary account failed to elaborate further, creating a challenge for anyone to know much more than to … Read More

Tennis referee arrested in bludgeoning death of elderly husband in Los Angeles (SAM SPITAL)

“Any time there is a suspicious death or homicide, the law enforcement will first look to the most recent person known to be in contact with the decedent and/or a spouse as the likely perpetrator. Nonetheless, one should not rush to judgment and/or infer an improper motive until all of the facts and circumstances are … Read More