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Court finds that tax evasion convictions show moral turpitude

After veterinarian John Cottingham pled guilty to two felony charges relating to failure to pay payroll taxes, he faced professional disciplinary charges from the South Carolina Board of Veterinary Examiners. The board’s charges included a reprimand and fine, among other penalties. Cottingham appealed the discipline, saying that the board had exceeded its authority. Cottingham had … Read More

Tax Preparer Accused of $1M in IRS Fraud

A tax preparer from Lemon Grove was arrested Monday in Arizona on suspicion of carrying out a scheme to steal Social Security numbers, file false tax returns and defraud the Internal Revenue Service, authorities reported. IRS agents took Cynthia Lozano, 31, into custody in Phoenix, where she will make her first appearance in federal court on … Read More

Trial ordered for alleged ‘Be Cool Bandit’

COMMENTARY BY CRIMINAL DEFENSE LAWYER SAM SPITAL AND ASSOCIATES: ‎”KFMB Channel 8 TV online edition updated its post on October 25, 2012 regarding what has been described as the ‘Be Cool Bandit’ who was charged with ten (10) separate robberies of gas stations and convenience stores, displaying a semi-automatic weapon and after his Preliminary Hearing … Read More

Feds charge 27 in California-Mexico meth ring

The continuing scourge of major crime represents a challenge for law enforcement and the judicial system that has limited resources, but the unintended consequences to those that are easily addicted to Meth often suffer life-long very complex and serious issues as well. For defense lawyers, their role is to challenge law enforcement’s procedures and protocols … Read More