Southern California is notorious for being a hub to numerous drug crimes every year, including felonies and misdemeanors. Due to its location and southern border proximity, San Diego is a prime channel for drug trafficking and illegal drug activity. One of the most prevalent drug crime problems in San Diego is the distribution of cocaine.

In San Diego, cocaine is classified in the same category as other illicit drugs such as methamphetamine, heroin, and other opiates. The cocaine crime laws in the state of California are so stringent, that even an arrest for possession of a small amount of cocaine is deemed a felony. This means that an individual found guilty of possession of cocaine could potentially face up to one year in jail or be required to fulfill a probation program which may include a rehabilitation component.

San Diego Drug Distribution Charges

Under California law, an individual may be arrested for “possession with intent” charges regardless of whether or not they are caught in the act of selling. Several other factors may contribute to their arrest, such as: possession of large amounts of an illegal drug or substance and/or possession of drug paraphernalia that may demonstrate intent to sell.

Therefore, it should come as no surprise to learn that San Diego law enforcement conducts frequent nationwide drug sweeps each year. These drug sweeps often result in numerous arrests for possession of cocaine in its various forms. However, news stories and reports of cocaine distribution arrests have taken the stage in recent years.

San Diego Cocaine Distribution

The import of cocaine along the U.S. and Mexico border is a massive problem in San Diego. Consequently, drug enforcement agencies and officers are often on high alert for any signs or potential signs of drug distribution, including the distribution of cocaine.

Cocaine is most commonly distributed in its powdered form, allowing the user of the drug to snort or inject the substance after dissolving it in water. However, rock cocaine, also known as “crack”, is most prevalent at street level. Although the form of the substance may appear to be insignificant, it is in many cases a definitive factor in the length of sentencing for cases of cocaine distribution and possession of cocaine.

Other contributing factors may include your participation in the preparation of cocaine for sale. This can include the dilution or “cutting” of cocaine by using sugars and anesthetics, or the manufacturing of crack cocaine. If proven, both of these acts can result in a sentence extension of up to 7 years. Although many of these rigorous cocaine laws apply to serious distributors and cocaine dealers, casual cocaine users who are accused of cocaine distribution are often victims of harsh drug penalties and convictions.

How a Cocaine Distribution Conviction Can Affect You

A drug conviction such as that of cocaine distribution may have devastating consequences in the life of any person. In addition to sumptuous fines, individuals found guilty of cocaine distribution may face several years in state prison and numerous other penalties. The experienced San Diego Criminal Attorneys at Spital & Associates understand that these types of penalties can be particularly devastating if you have a family or children. Criminal drug charges can create heavy financial burden and in some cases, drug charges (such as cocaine distribution) may pose lifelong detriments that can affect loved ones as well.

San Diego Cocaine Distribution Attorney

An experienced San Diego Criminal Defense Lawyer will begin working on your criminal case immediately. Finding the best lawyer to represent your case is no easy feat. Due to their complex nature, felony drug cases require a vast amount of expertise. There are numerous factors that will contribute to the successful defense of your drug crime case. An expert San Diego Drug Crime lawyer however, will seek all evidence necessary to build the best defense strategy for each individual client. This means going beyond police reports and conducting thorough investigations that will be pivotal to obtaining a successful outcome.

Avoid the risk of a cocaine conviction; call a top-rated San Diego Criminal Attorney at: (619) 583-0350 to speak with a lawyer who will make your freedom a priority.


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