Jury Trial

If your case goes to trial (statistics report only about 1-2 percent of all cases are not settled and go to trial), you will want an experienced and highly regarded atorney to represent you. In choosing a “jury trial” rather than a judge trial, it is critical that the jurors who are selected are sympathetic to the defense case.

Who are the potential jurors that are likely to be sympathetic?

  1. Blue collar workers
  2. Those who have had traffic tickets and fought them
  3. Retired military personnel (noncommissioned)
  4. Middle-class to lower-class individuals
  5. Country music lovers
  6. Easygoing, sociable and happy individuals
  7. Those who drink beer or bourbon and who admit to drinking at least two drinks at a time (one sitting)
  8. Individuals who seem under-dressed when they come to Court
  9. Individuals who are not judgmental
  10. Individuals who are not otherwise into physical fitness
  11. Lastly, we will likely avoid choosing jurors who are in the insurance, engineering, computer and medical professions