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New Legislation Would Expand Practice Powers for Pharmacists

  The proposed legislation is intended to fill the gap in the number of physicians who are available to care for and treat the burgeoning amount patients in California. Whether as a result of Obama care &/or the growing population of older citizens, there is pressure on the government to broaden the scope of practice … Read More

New legislation would help fight prescription drug abuse

The abuse of prescription drugs is a growing problem. Three bills, which still need to be signed by Governor Jerry Brown, will help to prosecute doctors who prescribe pills recklessly. One bill, for example, will require coroners to report death by overdoses on prescription drugs to the medical board, who then can connect those to … Read More

Doctor sues pharmacies for wrongful blacklisting

Dr. Roy H. Simon sued Target and Rite Aid, claiming that he was wrongfully blacklisted from their pharmacies. He claims that they will not fill his patients’ prescriptions, and falsely told them that he is on a federal “watch list.” Dr. Simon’s medical license was placed on probation in April of 2011, but the suspension … Read More