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If you are being investigated, accused or charged with murder, homicide or a offense, you need a criminal defense lawyer who is tough, smart and knows the law. Look no further than Spital & Associates. Our San Diego murder defense lawyers offer highly experienced, skilled and effective criminal defense lawyers against charges involving:

  • Murder
  • Manslaughter
  • Homicide (lawful killing)
  • robbery
  • Rape
  • Assault with great bodily injury
  • Terroristic threats and hate crimes

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Our experienced homicide defense attorney can provide the best defense. We know the court system, the prosecution, investigators, forensic experts and the strategies that bring winning results. Founder Samuel Spital has more than 39 years of legal experience, also serving as a Deputy Attorney General for the California Department of Justice. His associate is also a former Deputy Attorney General. We use this background to relentlessly fight for our clients’ individual rights and best interests.

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Homicide Charges

Criminal homicide is the official legal term for killing someone lawfully or unlawfully in the criminal justice system. Our dedicated San Diego homicide defense lawyers provide a thorough, effective defense against the five (5) varieties of criminal homicide charges:

  1. First-degree criminal homicide (murder): This is characterized by the death of another caused by the defendant with a premeditated plan to kill the other person. It is willful and deliberate. The malice can be expressed as in the case it is alleged one intends to kill another, or implied as in the case the allegation is that one intends to cause serious bodily injury or commits an act that clearly endangers another’s life and there is no provocation. The prosecution can charge this crime when there is a death while a felony is being committed. This is called the “felony murder rule,” which is a homicide in the course of arson, rape, robbery, kidnapping, burglary, drive-by shootings and a host of sex crimes. The punishment for first-degree murder is 25 years to life.

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